You know that it is important to exercise
your body but what about your brain?

Measure your Brain Age in 2 minutes by playing some games

  • Do some fun brain exercises
  • Measure your current brain age
  • Start experiencing a quicker, clearer & more flexible brain
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May 2014: Why do I score better on some games than others?

April 2014: You can now track your results, just hit 'Save this result' on the final Brain Age page.

Nov 2013: The Visual Cognition Game, "Blink" has been updated with 50% more content.

Oct 2013: Good to see more of you visiting the site on iPads - unfortunately our flash games will not run on the iPad. Why don't you find out your Biological Age instead.

Sept 2013: Yay: No more reset button, now every time you finish the five games we will reset your Brain Age. Click here if you need to manually reset it.

Sept 2013: We hope you like the new look site, we will be optimizing the site further over the coming months to help you better track your Brain Age.